Cathleen Burnham
For the past fifteen years I've traveled the globe, bringing back stories of the world's remote cultures from the Hodzabe People of Tanzania to the hill tribes of Thailand to the peoples of the Amazon. My work in all areas of television production has included stints at NBC, PBS and Fox. I've written advertising and professional business letters; provided articles and photography for Creative Living, Cleveland Magazine, RangeFinder, Messenger Post Newspapers and Metropolitan. My children's picture book A Creek Runs Down My Street was published in January, 2006 and I won Honorable Mention in Writer's Digest's annual writing competition for my book, Threads.

For the past eighteen years, I've been a Wildlife Rehabilitator under New York state D.E.C. board member Barbara Hollands' license. This experience has given me an insight into animal behavior that's served me well in both my writing and photography of wildlife across the world.

I'm drawn to journalism because I believe in its paramount importance in a society, because I love to learn the stories behind our planet's people, animals and places, and because I love to pass those stories on.